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  • It helps you locate the most suitable job and forget about the remaining.
  • Educates you the skill of how to market yourself.
  • It helps you to improve your writing skills.
  • It works great for both, the newbie as well as the expert writer.
  • Supportive team members, willing to assist you at each step.


  • High price
  • The website design is not proffisional

Are you ready to explore the world of online writing and earn a substantial income from your writing skills? Writer Help Wanted, an internet marketing program, offers a comprehensive solution to turn your passion for writing into a lucrative career. This review will take you through the core features of Writer Help Wanted, created by Ron Douglas, a New York Times bestselling author, and Alice Seba, a content marketing specialist.

Demystifying Writer Help Wanted

Writer Help Wanted is a unique platform based on video training materials designed to help individuals like you leverage their writing skills to make money. It caters to both newcomers and seasoned freelance writers, offering a training program developed by Ron Douglas and Alice Seba.

Douglas and Seba have a track record of assisting students worldwide in discovering how to monetize their writing abilities effectively. Writer Help Wanted serves as a valuable writing business training system, guiding you to establish your own successful online writing venture.

Exploring the Benefits of Writer Help Wanted

Writer Help Wanted offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Finding Writing Opportunities: Stay ahead in the competitive world of online writing by accessing regularly updated job listings and highlighted postings that provide valuable insights into upcoming opportunities.

  2. Comprehensive Checklists: Simplify your job selection process with checklists like Finding Your Writing Market, Working with Clients, Content Formation, and Advertising, allowing you to choose the most appropriate jobs and work with clients effectively.

  3. Marketing Your Skills: Recognize the significance of marketing your writing skills, a vital aspect that sets successful writers apart from the rest. Gain insights into marketing strategies and hone your skills to build a rewarding writing career.

  4. Learn from Successful Writers: Benefit from the success secrets shared by eight expert writers, each specializing in a different area. These case studies provide invaluable guidance.

Understanding the Writer Help Wanted Package

When you join Writer Help Wanted, you gain access to five training modules that equip you with the essential knowledge to start earning money with your writing skills. These modules are:

– Module # 1: Offers strategies to discover various writing opportunities and cost-effective ways to profit from them.

– Module # 2: A must for new authors, this module guides you towards achieving your income goals.

– Module # 3: Establish yourself as a qualified writing provider and work with clients based on your expertise.

– Module # 4: Provides tips and techniques to earn money with your writing skills.

– Module # 5: Enhance your writing skills to create winning content.

The Program’s Features

As a Writer Help Wanted member, you can enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Time-saving: Easily find jobs and avoid scams.
  • Enhanced marketability: Master the art of marketing your skills.
  • Learning from the experts: Draw inspiration from others’ success.
  • Money-back guarantee: The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for all: Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers.
  • Systematic guidance: Step-by-step guidance for success.

In Conclusion

Writer Help Wanted is an ideal program for individuals passionate about writing who want to harness their skills to earn money. It caters to a wide range of writers, from freelancers to bloggers and authors, offering updated job listings, insights from professional writers, video tutorials, and more. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s a highly recommended program for those looking to enhance their writing skills and earn a reasonable income. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your writing passion into a profitable venture.

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